Computers & Equipment

The following resources are available to currently registered Clark students. There are limited supplies, and most items cannot be requested. For details, see the complete Borrowing Policy.

Item Details
CCTV Reader Cannell 2nd floor
Computer lab software JAWS
Computer lab station Check Out Desk
Graphing 3-hour check out, quarter loan
Scientific 3-hour check out
10-key with tape 3-hour check out, CTC only
Computer Labs  
Cannell LIB 100 & 203 For software and policies see Clark resources webpage
Guest access in LIB 100 only
CTC iCommons & 203  
Printing B/W: all labs
Color: CTC 203, Cannell 1st floor
For current prices and policies, see the Clark resources page
Mobile Computing  
Laptoplaptop.jpg 3-hour check out, building use only
Netbook set (includes adapter and bag) Requestable, 21-days plus renewals, requires photo ID and signed agreement
External DVD driveexternaldvddrive.jpg 3-hour check out, library use only
Wireless keyboard and mouse set
Wireless mouse
3-hour check out, building use only
Cart 3-hour check out
iCommons use only
Combo unit Cannell 2nd floor
Copier B/W and color
Cannell: first floor near elevator
CTC: Room 218
Headphonesheadphones.gif 3-hour check out, building use only
Phone chargerphonecharger.JPG 3-hour check out, building use only
Projectorlcd_projector.jpg 3-hour check out, building use only
Scanner Cannell: 1st floor
CTC: Room 203