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Ask a Librarian

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Cannell: 360-992-6138
iCommons @ CTC: 360-992-6138


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Call Cannell Library (360-992-2151) or the Information Commons @ CTC (360-992-6138)

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Send mail to us:
Cannell Library
1933 Fort Vancouver Way, LIB 112
Vancouver, WA 98663-3598

For Technical Help

Log-In Help
Get help with logging in, accessing library resources from off-campus, passwords, and troubleshooting.

Get help with Canvas, Student Email, Computer Labs, Wifi, or any other technical support

All Clark Student Accounts
Find out how to access Clark online accounts, including Canvas, eTutoring, student computer and wireless,
SmarterMeasure, and Microsoft Office 365.

Evening and Weekend Academic Support

Evening and Weekend Academic Support