Display Cases

Information Commons @ CTCdisplay case at CTC iCommons

The Information Commons @ CTC has a double-sided display case that works especially well for displaying 2D and 3D artwork.

  • total space: 59½” wide x 34½” deep x 47½” high
  • two or three glass shelves divide the space
  • glass doors lock

Displays are subject to the following:

  • The length of display time depends on the number of requests at any time. In general, displays times typically last anywhere from a few weeks to a full quarter.
  • Requests for display time are filled on a first-come basis.
  • Requests from the campus community are given priority.
  • Library personnel have final responsibility for the cases and must approve displays.
  • Sponsors of displays must sign a Display Release Form and are responsible for removing displays as scheduled.
  • Signs can not be affixed to painted, glass or metal surfaces or on nearby walls, columns or library doors.

To request display space, please Contact Connie Anderson, Access Services Specialist, at clanderson@clark.edu or 360-992-6137.

Cannell Library

There are no display facilities at Cannell Library.

For more information, please contact the iCommons Access Services Manager at 360-992-2152 or the Library Director at 360-992-2472.